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Feb 21, 2011

Facebook Battle

I was on facebook and saw a new event!

Click on the pic to go to the Event Page

You mean the Facebook Battle?

Just join the battlefield, reach each goals set and be in the chance to win new goodies!

These items will give you a boost in your games.

This will give you an instant heal to full HP and MP once an hour.

+50 buffs to all attack and damage! And will last for a month so its great!

The buff will last for an hour and you can use the item again.

And to make thing interesting, Death Prediction and Life Blessing Books.

- One to help keep you alive.
- While the other lets you curse you enemy once a day.

But once you were cursed, you will be immune. So don’t worry about being chain cursed.


I know whom I will curse when i get the book (giggles)

You would not! Come on Daph, that not nice! 

Jan 13, 2011

The Clock is Ticking - Instance Challenge

Fighters! I Hermes, the greatest messenger of the gods and I will test you!


I hate tests, I always fail maths.

............ Erm, what I mean is the fight to bring back spring is going badly and it is still Sooooo COLD! We need the best runners to help out!

I volunteer! What do I need to do!

You look a bit scrawny, but we will see, here's the test:
I have setup all the key instances with a timer, if you can complete the instance in the set time with 2 other teammates, you have proved yourself worthy.
Worthy for what?


How about gifts? And rewards! There will be badges when you complete your challenge. Collect 20 of the same type and come back to me for a reward egg. I have put SKILLS and PERFECT GEARS as well as lots of goodies.

I'm game, lets find a friend and do this Daph.

I got one question for Hermes thought.

ASK and I shall Answer!

Whats with the Colorful language?

I.... I don't know. I just like to speak like thus!
Don't judge Me!

Dec 9, 2010

Cerberus is Here! 12/15 New Server Opening

Cerberus is here!

Where! Run away!

No, no no. it’s a new server silly.


So no big 3 headed monstrous doggies with really bad breath?

Yes, I’m sure you are quiet safe.

I wanna try the new server!
My friends wanna play but I am already in Glory City
and too far to help them. This way we can play together!

Don’t forget there’s also an Angel gold giveaway event for players in the new server, so don’t miss out. Fighters can receive lucky cubes everyday as well as receiving them from mob drops. The event will be run twice with the first session ending on 12/21 22:00 PM (PST) and second session ending on Tuesday 12/28 22:00 (PST). The top 50 players will receive prizes including Angel gold and silver

Other events include:
* Reward for joining Guild
The top 3 guilds will be receiving tons of Angel silver throughout the guild according their contribution, with the top guild receiving equavalent of 300 USD!

* Beginner’s Gift Box
Players are encouraged to level with a free items box every 5-10 levels.

So join up and we'll see you online on Deccember 15th!

For event details please see the website.

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!

 Xmas is coming…… that means presents!

There are more things than just presents, Angel Teacher has been busy decorating the cities, so when Xmas comes it will look brand new!

And pressies, And hugs, And a huge Xmas tree! 


Well if its presents you want, you can talk to Xmas
Angel, whom will appear in all the cities.

Santa is really busy and needs your help.
Collect Xmas Stockings in the game collect
goodies inside to exchange Xmas avatar
costumes and even a limited release Santa’s bear!

                              Santas bear is so fuzzie and cuddly.

Okey so I found some stockings, what do i do now?

Open it! If you get Golden bells you can collect, trade and exchange them for Santa's Bear. And if you get Snowflake badge you can change them for Xmas costumes!

Whats this! Fattening Cake! Nooooo!


Nov 5, 2010


Photobucket I am so ready for this weekends Blue Vs Red Battlefield.

Photobucket I wus a killing machine! Mua ha ha ha!

Think you are the best? Well we have decided to let you prove it!
Next month we are bring out a new event, KILL THEM ALL!
Photobucket Really? What can I do there? Will there be prizes?

Course there will be!

First off there is a huge experience bonus for participating in the battle.
Then there are prizes for the heroes that reached the top 3 places.
Really great items, Check them out:

PhotobucketI just wanna kill people, Mua ha ha hah!

Erm, for you homicidal maniacs
we have something better, a kill ladder!

Each month we will award the top 3 players with a unique title for the following month.
For the 3rd place winner: Assassin
Second place winner: Conquer
First Place: Battle God
 These titles will not only be a prestigious, it will come with HP/MP buffs that will help to stay on top!

We will tally up total kills at the end of the month and give away 10 Superhero Potion to people whom reached 250 kills.

I wanna be a Superhero!