Nov 5, 2010


Photobucket I am so ready for this weekends Blue Vs Red Battlefield.

Photobucket I wus a killing machine! Mua ha ha ha!

Think you are the best? Well we have decided to let you prove it!
Next month we are bring out a new event, KILL THEM ALL!
Photobucket Really? What can I do there? Will there be prizes?

Course there will be!

First off there is a huge experience bonus for participating in the battle.
Then there are prizes for the heroes that reached the top 3 places.
Really great items, Check them out:

PhotobucketI just wanna kill people, Mua ha ha hah!

Erm, for you homicidal maniacs
we have something better, a kill ladder!

Each month we will award the top 3 players with a unique title for the following month.
For the 3rd place winner: Assassin
Second place winner: Conquer
First Place: Battle God
 These titles will not only be a prestigious, it will come with HP/MP buffs that will help to stay on top!

We will tally up total kills at the end of the month and give away 10 Superhero Potion to people whom reached 250 kills.

I wanna be a Superhero!