Oct 6, 2010

Angel Badge Rewards

CB Event

Angel Badge Medal

Hey Everyone! MAO's CB is coming so soon!
Heres a little tip to help you:
During the game you will find medals, which will look like this:

Sometimes when you turn in quests, you can choose to get medals.

SAVE THESE UP! because you can trade them for gears!

The medals can be used to collect gears from level 10 to 40

What could be easier!

Oct 5, 2010

Angel Bug Hunters

Need more gold in your CB? Not a problem! we have 2 ways for you to fill your pockets with Angel Gold!

Angel Bug Hunters!

Gather around Hunters, during the CB, if you come across any bugs,
Report it! Not only does it help us with the beta testing, we can pay
you Angel Gold! what could be easier?

During the CB period When you find a bug, Visit us here
and log in your account. Report your bugs and go into a draw to win!
The more bugs you report, the more chance you will have to win!

come here for full details please see Here

Oct 4, 2010

Taking shortcuts

Hey Daph, we are going to the instance today, are you ready?
Oh! I can't go today, I can't go to that instance. I don't have the cash or the time!
There are lots more ways to level up quickly you know, sit down while I tell you all about it.
Firstly, you should always join a guild, guilds are great not only because you will meet lots of great friends. There is also guild members skills.
These include guild skills, these include
- Experience bonus
- Guild pay slips
- Reduced death penalty
- NPC discount
Ohhhhh! I need to find a guild! Where can I go?
You can find a guild officer or a guild leader, or you can start your own.
I want to start a guild! how do I do this?
You'll need a few things, you must be level 20 or above, 50,000 game coin and most importantly a guild magic crystal stone.
Whats this guild magic crystal stone?

You get them from drops, often from boss insatnce that requires a key.
Okey I know what to do now, there is just what more thing.
Would the Princess Club be too much?
Just don't ask me to join.