Sep 11, 2010

News Release for Myth Angels Online!

Finally some news! Game is to be released in October!

USERJOY Technology announces that Myth Angels Online, the newest title of the Angels Online series, will be launched in North America in Oct. 2010.

Myth Angels Online (MAO) is the newest title of the Angels Online series developed by USERJOY. Based on Greek mythology, MAO has kept the original 2D cute anime flavor of Angels Online, but presented whole new game features. Gamers act as warriors called by the gods and goddesses to fight in the battles against evil forces. Gamers can go solo or with their friends to explore the Myth and enjoy the arcade-type excitement to wipe out monsters in the instance dungeons. Furthermore, gamers can raise various adorable pets to create their own pet troop, and ride on powerful robots to experience the greatest challenges.

Check it out on MMOsite!

Sep 7, 2010

Take a tour with me

Hey Daph, why are you so down? Let me cheer you up and take a walk around Celestial Athens and country side.
Sure. I need some fresh air.

Lets start off in Celestial Athens. The streets of Athens is busy and lively with trade!
Hey I love to shop!
Lets stop and look at some wares!

We'll come back later otherwise we won't get to see the rest of the city. just kidding! As you can see, people hanging around fountains ...... so leisurely ....... so angelic right?

Now where was I? ah yes I was going to take out of town to see the surrounding instance dungeons. ready?
NO! you didn't say anything
about going outside!
Don't worry. I'll protect you!  
Ahhhhh! Slurm monsters!I hate those things! I wanna go back!

They won't hurt you, yo are fine. The slurm cannot harm you..... much. The slurm is your friend.......

 And lastly this is the Celestial Courtyard. See it was not so difficult was it?
Yes! taking a walk does make me
feel better, lets go explore another region
next time!

Sep 6, 2010


Class? I’m a princess!
So which class are you Daph? I don’t think you play a fighter.

No silly goose I don’t mean that. Your class is like your job. Like me. I’m a hunter. I’ quick and fast and I strike from a distance. I love to put traps down so my target gets stuck and I can shoot them to pieces….. Ha hah ha.

But I don’t like to hit things so close.
You don’t look like a warrior cause they are tough and focus on hitting thinks up close with a big club…. Or maybe 2 clubs when they learn how to dual wield. Warriors are scary when they get close and every one needs to keep their distance from them.
I didn’t say I like to hit
things far away from me either.
Aha! Then you’re a Master, cause they can deal magical damage from a distance. You want a big BOOM? Then master is the class that will kill with deadly AOE attacks.


Grrrrr. You are really trying my patience. You have to be a Pastor then, as they are much more all round class that can heal and kill. Resurrect allies as always good to have around.
I’ve decided my class!

Oh good what is it?
A Princess.



Sep 5, 2010

With great power comes.......

Show what happens when popo learns how to integrate items....

Lucky for Some

Hey guy, here's the third comic up, we take a look at lucky mobs in the game. its a great target if you are running low on coins....... but can you manage to kill something so cute?

Vampires sux, the sequel

Second comic of the series - this time we take a look at vampires in the world of Myth Angels Online.

Angels High Comic

Hi all, I've decided to put the webcomic from facebook over to ther blog as well. Remember to go to our facebook page and click on "like" if you enjoyed the comics!

Pet troops

I see people running around with pets... pets are sooooo cute... I want one too!

ahhhhh so you found out about pets have you?... very good! So you want a pet and take it around the game……BORING!

Fly my litlle potato cuties! take out those water elementals.
I mean if you want to become an awesome trainer like me, you gotta be able to handle 6-10 critters all at once. And that means… pet troopers!

These troopers will march up and down the parade ground in formation just as you command….. how great is that!

Remember different pets can very in their effects. So taking fire based pets will not be useful against a fire elemental. But they will turn a water elemental into steam faster than you can say specandspandeferous!
That sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to get my first pet.

Instance Dungeons

I was taking fluffy here to a new instance the other day... and guess whom I found? Daphne was being chased by a slime monster! Being the hero that I am, I had to help her.

Slurm Attack!
Making fun of me? that's so mean!
I thought trainers need to be patient.......

I was not being mean, now listen up and I'll tell you how to stay alive longer in the wilds. Instances are a great way to test your fighting skills. goin into an instance means you won' have to wait in line to kill mob or get pissed off because somebody steals your kill. All the more critters for me... YAY!

So many monsters..... I'm going to get killed... again

 In instances rare monsters and loot can be found. If you are scared, you can always take team mates to help you out. Come with me Daph and I'll take you into an instance..... What's this here? difficulty setting....Lets make things interesting by choosing the hardest setting cause that's the way I roll! Ha ha ha!
Oh dear..... you will look after me right?
I don't want to die..... again.

Solo a Instance Dungeon!