Sep 5, 2010

Pet troops

I see people running around with pets... pets are sooooo cute... I want one too!

ahhhhh so you found out about pets have you?... very good! So you want a pet and take it around the game……BORING!

Fly my litlle potato cuties! take out those water elementals.
I mean if you want to become an awesome trainer like me, you gotta be able to handle 6-10 critters all at once. And that means… pet troopers!

These troopers will march up and down the parade ground in formation just as you command….. how great is that!

Remember different pets can very in their effects. So taking fire based pets will not be useful against a fire elemental. But they will turn a water elemental into steam faster than you can say specandspandeferous!
That sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to get my first pet.

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