Sep 5, 2010

Instance Dungeons

I was taking fluffy here to a new instance the other day... and guess whom I found? Daphne was being chased by a slime monster! Being the hero that I am, I had to help her.

Slurm Attack!
Making fun of me? that's so mean!
I thought trainers need to be patient.......

I was not being mean, now listen up and I'll tell you how to stay alive longer in the wilds. Instances are a great way to test your fighting skills. goin into an instance means you won' have to wait in line to kill mob or get pissed off because somebody steals your kill. All the more critters for me... YAY!

So many monsters..... I'm going to get killed... again

 In instances rare monsters and loot can be found. If you are scared, you can always take team mates to help you out. Come with me Daph and I'll take you into an instance..... What's this here? difficulty setting....Lets make things interesting by choosing the hardest setting cause that's the way I roll! Ha ha ha!
Oh dear..... you will look after me right?
I don't want to die..... again.

Solo a Instance Dungeon!

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