Feb 21, 2011

Facebook Battle

I was on facebook and saw a new event!

Click on the pic to go to the Event Page

You mean the Facebook Battle?

Just join the battlefield, reach each goals set and be in the chance to win new goodies!

These items will give you a boost in your games.

This will give you an instant heal to full HP and MP once an hour.

+50 buffs to all attack and damage! And will last for a month so its great!

The buff will last for an hour and you can use the item again.

And to make thing interesting, Death Prediction and Life Blessing Books.

- One to help keep you alive.
- While the other lets you curse you enemy once a day.

But once you were cursed, you will be immune. So don’t worry about being chain cursed.


I know whom I will curse when i get the book (giggles)

You would not! Come on Daph, that not nice!