Sep 6, 2010


Class? I’m a princess!
So which class are you Daph? I don’t think you play a fighter.

No silly goose I don’t mean that. Your class is like your job. Like me. I’m a hunter. I’ quick and fast and I strike from a distance. I love to put traps down so my target gets stuck and I can shoot them to pieces….. Ha hah ha.

But I don’t like to hit things so close.
You don’t look like a warrior cause they are tough and focus on hitting thinks up close with a big club…. Or maybe 2 clubs when they learn how to dual wield. Warriors are scary when they get close and every one needs to keep their distance from them.
I didn’t say I like to hit
things far away from me either.
Aha! Then you’re a Master, cause they can deal magical damage from a distance. You want a big BOOM? Then master is the class that will kill with deadly AOE attacks.


Grrrrr. You are really trying my patience. You have to be a Pastor then, as they are much more all round class that can heal and kill. Resurrect allies as always good to have around.
I’ve decided my class!

Oh good what is it?
A Princess.



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