Sep 7, 2010

Take a tour with me

Hey Daph, why are you so down? Let me cheer you up and take a walk around Celestial Athens and country side.
Sure. I need some fresh air.

Lets start off in Celestial Athens. The streets of Athens is busy and lively with trade!
Hey I love to shop!
Lets stop and look at some wares!

We'll come back later otherwise we won't get to see the rest of the city. just kidding! As you can see, people hanging around fountains ...... so leisurely ....... so angelic right?

Now where was I? ah yes I was going to take out of town to see the surrounding instance dungeons. ready?
NO! you didn't say anything
about going outside!
Don't worry. I'll protect you!  
Ahhhhh! Slurm monsters!I hate those things! I wanna go back!

They won't hurt you, yo are fine. The slurm cannot harm you..... much. The slurm is your friend.......

 And lastly this is the Celestial Courtyard. See it was not so difficult was it?
Yes! taking a walk does make me
feel better, lets go explore another region
next time!


  1. Best of luck with the game.
    Looking forward to test it and share my opinions with my readers.
    Dan T.
    CEO - Romanian MMO Community

  2. Thanks Dan!

    I hope to bring more information to everyone:)