Sep 15, 2010

And we go hunting AOE style

Why are you so tired Daph?

I'm so tired...... Its takes me
all day to kill monsters. [sob]

How come? its easy!!!!
I'm too scared to tag more than
one monster. killing them one at
a time is so slow

The way Daphne is going.. .this is gonna take a while......zzzzz

But you have lots of ways
to take on more than
one monster at a time!!!!
REALLY! I wanna learn!
please teach me .... pleaseee!

How can I refuse? come
on then!
You See those air elementals?
go round them up! Get them
all nice and close together.

Ahhhhhh! Its coming
right for us!

The air elemental threatens you with violence!

Now use your ability!

AOE effects are great for killing numerous mobs.


Why did you do that!
My life was is peril by those
ferocious charging elementals!

Oh you are awesome
Jimbo, I mean Daph.

Warriors can deal huge damages up close and personal.

Don't forget the Master class, they are kings of AOE!

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