Sep 24, 2010

Great Lucky Bags FOR YOU!

We are looking for great captains to rally the troops! Can you do it?

Just copy your personal link when your UJ membership is confirmed and place it in your website, FB, wherever! We will email this address to you as well!
The personal ink is on the bottome of your UJ member confirmation page!
Get your friends to click on that link onto our website . Once that personal link have reached 150 links from your site, you have a chance to win great prizes! Only the top 10 links with the most numerous clicks will receive this honor!

No website yet? No worries! You still have time to set one up! Just apply for our exclusive link when it up and put it in your new website!

I want to join NOW!

1. When and where to apply for your exclusive links?
The website is up! Apply for your UJ membership and on completion copy your personal link shown above!
2. What are the prizes?
The top 10 links will be awarded with 3 Blazing Sun Sprouting Lucky Bags for your class. Which is worth 540 AG! From the lucky bags you will draw 1 item, which could be special mounts, pets, perfect weapons and tons of goodies!

A sneak peak of the luck bag for warriors,
you will get the lucky bag suited for your class.
3. When are the rewards given out?
These bags will be given according to your class on the day of maintenance, one week after OB.

Please Note:
If the Event could not be run by unforeseen circumstances, USERJOY reserves the right to amend, pause or terminate the event and provide no further compensation.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sooooo looking foreward to this game. I really enjoyed Angels Online, now I get twice the goodness!