Sep 27, 2010

The Makings of a Hero

Photobucket I think I want to make an alt just to go back and look and the old maps again!
hmmmmmmm... I wonder what new character should I make?

Back on the character selection page. I've unlocked 2 more character on my account so I can show you how to make a new character.


From here we can choose class, which includes Warrior, Hunter, Master and Pastor. I decided to make a warrior because the axe and shield looks great!(also because the princess class is yet to be introduced)

Next there a whole bunch of selections to make your hero. you can choose a boy or a girl, change the height of the character, and fiddle around with hairdo and skin colors.

I decided to try some different combinations to see what I can make:
I think this one is a Orcish boy with spiky hair and kickass shields and axe.
Similarly, the axe looks good on a blond girl with ponytails.
Photobucket She looks like a gnome. LOL.
Photobucket I'll look after you mister Frodo......


  1. A bit disappointing that they're the exact same hair and everything from Angels Online. =x