Sep 5, 2010

Fighting Robots!

Fighting Robots!

You wanna know about the game? Really? I don't want to say!....... well okey since you pleaded so much. The game is a beautifully drawn mythic adventure that puts you in the time of the Greek myths. What do you do there? Eat Greek salads and drink Ouzo? (Its Greeks most popular drink!)? NO! you get to fight monster and battle everybody else that what!

To add more arsenal to your killing spree the game includes robots, yes robots! Now who could dislike robots? A 3 ton steaming and crackling killing machine! You get to ride on them and dispense death while being protected in your cosy metal home. What else more would you want? Here a few pics of fighting robots, arn't thaey marvelous.

You want to know more huh? Well, come back another time and I’ll tell you more.

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