Sep 5, 2010

The Trainer and Daphne Speaks Out

[whip cracks]

Ha! Its me the Trainer! Rejoice because I am so awesome! Oh excuse my pet here, I'm still trying to train him. Down fluffy! DOWN!

[whip cracks again]

Fluffy Growls.......

Waaaaah! I am sooo sad because I am such a newbie. I hate slurm monsters outside of town!..... I wish somebody will be nice to teach me how to win.

Now where was I? Ah yes how to get kick some butts.
He squints his eye down on Daphne.
You look like a scrawny little kid that won't even feed fluffy over here and I need to train you? Good grief! All right all right listen up cause I won't say it again.

I’m Daphne and I am a real newbie. I’ve been wandering around and found Myth Angels……. I think I’ll stick around and learn some tips on how to play. Come back to this blog to see my progress…. Maybe I won’t be so sad anymore.

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