Sep 12, 2010

MMOCRUNCH News Release

More news release, the more people that sees this the better!

Mmocrunch - Myth Angels Online Launching Soon
The MMO family grows. USERJOY Technology has announced it’s next game: Myth Angels Online. This new creation, releasing next October 2010, is based on Greek Mythology, keeping “the original 2D cute anime flavor of Angels Online” but adding many new features.

In Myth Angles Online you act as a Warrior chosen by the gods to fight in endless battles against evil minions. You can confront this arcade-type fun solo or grouped with other players, through instanced dungeons where you’ll have the chance to wipe out every enemy. In addition to this, you’ll have several pets, letting you form your pet troop and, what’s more innovating: the ability to ride on Robots.

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