Sep 13, 2010

Our little tour continues

Hey Daphne!
What ya doing!

We've seen the countryside in Athens.
but I just want to see more!
SURE! let me show you Glory City.
Thats where the God Apollo lives.
Throgh this gate and onward to Glory City!

Oh That would be wonderful!
You're so nice trainer!
Yep, lets get going! to get to Glory City
you need to travel through the Celestial Garden.
Its a long trip, are you up for it?

READY! and double READY!

Its raining! Otherwise we can enjoy the garden more.

So here we are in Glory City!
Its not so bad is it?

The flowers in the garden are so pretty!

Glory City is bigger than Athen, multi-story townhouse are found everywhere.

Lets go see Apollo.
He should be in his palace
Um. Can't we skip this part?

Going up the steps to Apollo's palace

Sooo..... Shiney....
I guess Apollo did not want to talk much.
lets go check out other places.

I'm so hot, I saw a fountain on the way here
can we go there?
Um... the lady by the fountain seems to like furs.... a lot.
Why did the lady offered me money to
catch 20 jumping mouse?

I hope PETA did not find out about her.
A wrong turn and something is not quiet right....
This is a scary place,
I want to get ou tof here!

um, I agree this is kinda creepy.
The portal leads to the Python Temple.
don't come here unless you are ready.

This garden is so pretty, I think
I'll take a nap... Its been such a tiring day

Hey! don't fall asleep.
DAPH!.... I can't believe she
wants to sleep here. oh well. I guess
I'll have to show you guys around next time. 

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