Oct 14, 2010

CB Party Bash

Are you prepared for the CB PARTY BASH? Bring your heroes to Celestial Athens on 10/16 10AM PDT and meet some real monster! Not only will you see game bosses, you will have the chance to meet our secret boss! (We can’t tell you about it yet, suffice to say she is a scary mad monster). Your reward will include presents in OB (100 blue and red potions each + 50,000 silvers). No enough? We asked Athena to give us more stuff and she was in a good mood!

Therefore there will be a CB PARTY screenshot event, take your screen shots of the event, pick your favorite picture (1 picture per account) and send them to maoevent27@email.playuj.com. We here will pick the 5 best pictures and post them up onto the forum for voting. The top 3 picture will be rewarded 100,000 silvers to be awarded to you in the upcoming OB.

But wait, there’s more! Athena is so annoyed by the secret final boss terrorizing good citizens of Athens she has put a bounty of 500,000 silver to the hero whom will bring the monster down. So be prepared everyone and may the best guy/ girl win!

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