Dec 9, 2010

Cerberus is Here! 12/15 New Server Opening

Cerberus is here!

Where! Run away!

No, no no. it’s a new server silly.


So no big 3 headed monstrous doggies with really bad breath?

Yes, I’m sure you are quiet safe.

I wanna try the new server!
My friends wanna play but I am already in Glory City
and too far to help them. This way we can play together!

Don’t forget there’s also an Angel gold giveaway event for players in the new server, so don’t miss out. Fighters can receive lucky cubes everyday as well as receiving them from mob drops. The event will be run twice with the first session ending on 12/21 22:00 PM (PST) and second session ending on Tuesday 12/28 22:00 (PST). The top 50 players will receive prizes including Angel gold and silver

Other events include:
* Reward for joining Guild
The top 3 guilds will be receiving tons of Angel silver throughout the guild according their contribution, with the top guild receiving equavalent of 300 USD!

* Beginner’s Gift Box
Players are encouraged to level with a free items box every 5-10 levels.

So join up and we'll see you online on Deccember 15th!

For event details please see the website.

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