Dec 28, 2010

New Years Day! Celebrate!

Hi Trainers! Xmas rocked! I had

sooooo much Jolly Snowball dumplings.

Jolly Snowball dumplings, its sweet, its hot. And really really fattening!

I'm glad you had a good time Daph. But

New Years is coming around the corner!

How will you send off 2010?

With fireworks of course! I love fireworks!

Foooosh! "BANG" and then pretty!

Joins your friends, and countdown to the new years! The fireworks will be going off!

That sounds great! Lets go together!

I met the New Years Angel today!

He gave me some fireworks.

Remember to see your New Years Angels for fireworks. He can even tell your future!

Ohhhhhh! He gave me a fortune bag today, I wonder what it says!
I hope it grants my wish to grow taller.

Not all lucks are good luck.

Hey WAIT! THIS year is not over yet! I don't wanna be short!

Ha ha ha! I guess you will only have 3 hours to grow taller.


  1. What Happened with the prizes of session 2 of weekly gold giveaway on new server cerberus, theres not announce of it?

  2. May i please know what are the Fortune Pebbles for? Can we delete them?