Jan 13, 2011

The Clock is Ticking - Instance Challenge

Fighters! I Hermes, the greatest messenger of the gods and I will test you!


I hate tests, I always fail maths.

............ Erm, what I mean is the fight to bring back spring is going badly and it is still Sooooo COLD! We need the best runners to help out!

I volunteer! What do I need to do!

You look a bit scrawny, but we will see, here's the test:
I have setup all the key instances with a timer, if you can complete the instance in the set time with 2 other teammates, you have proved yourself worthy.
Worthy for what?


How about gifts? And rewards! There will be badges when you complete your challenge. Collect 20 of the same type and come back to me for a reward egg. I have put SKILLS and PERFECT GEARS as well as lots of goodies.

I'm game, lets find a friend and do this Daph.

I got one question for Hermes thought.

ASK and I shall Answer!

Whats with the Colorful language?

I.... I don't know. I just like to speak like thus!
Don't judge Me!

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  1. Sorry if i this isn't the place but can anybody tell me if the site:http://mao.playuj.com/ is active because i really want to play mao but cant access the site.... maybe its because i'm in south america or something?
    or is it that its down o closed?