Dec 5, 2010

City Seige

Hey Trainer, Why is Otai showing up on Celestial Athens map?

That’s because they own it. They have taken it.
What! I want to own a city too.

Well gather up your fighters and listen, twice a week on
Sunday 2:00~4:00PM and 7:00~9:00PM PST. Themis will allow
guilds to challenge the reigning guild that holds the city!


The siege lasts for 2 hours and guild leaders need to sign up their guild for the siege

So I’ve signed up to besiege Athens. What do I do now?

Ha here’s the rules:
1. You see attackers have a red ring at their feet? (When you see blue rings, Kill them quick! When you see green you can decide, depend on you mood.)
2. Defenders will have blue rings on their feet (Charge those red and green ringers!)
3. Neutral green ringers are there for the kills! They can either help or hinder you.

Lets talk about the neutral parties first (seems very clear what attackers and defenders have to do right?)

1. Neutral parties appears between the 2 factions, this means they may be hit by both sides. But then again they can hit both sides [grins].
2. There is a “safe zone” in the map for the greenies. You can group up and use this area to venture out and increase those kill points. (It’s great when besiegers can see you but can’t touch you.

1. Guild leaders and vice leaders both gets great looking gears!
2. Defending guild members can use clashing and attacking robots. When the robots HP is low, you can blow them up and do huge damage to others while not taking a bit of damage!
3. Member of the holding the city can receive a tribute box everyday
City Tribute Box (Draw 1 from below)
  • Mount Capsule (Level 20 ~ 40 mount capsules)
  • Pet Egg Lucky Bag (Elemental pets)
  • Perfect Suit Egg (Level 25 ~ 55 perfect armor egg)
  • Perfect Weapon Egg (Level 25 ~ 55 perfect weapon egg)
  • 50 Medium Blue Potion
  • 50 Medium Red Potion
  • 50 Regular Blue Potion
  • 50 Regular Red Potion


1. Attackers are usually at a disadvantage, while attacking they have to look out for neutral guerrilla fighting third party. But you have numbers on your side!
2. Attackers will get attacking robots too so use them well in your siege!

3. Get the neutral parties to your side and help you take the city!


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