Dec 9, 2010

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!

 Xmas is coming…… that means presents!

There are more things than just presents, Angel Teacher has been busy decorating the cities, so when Xmas comes it will look brand new!

And pressies, And hugs, And a huge Xmas tree! 


Well if its presents you want, you can talk to Xmas
Angel, whom will appear in all the cities.

Santa is really busy and needs your help.
Collect Xmas Stockings in the game collect
goodies inside to exchange Xmas avatar
costumes and even a limited release Santa’s bear!

                              Santas bear is so fuzzie and cuddly.

Okey so I found some stockings, what do i do now?

Open it! If you get Golden bells you can collect, trade and exchange them for Santa's Bear. And if you get Snowflake badge you can change them for Xmas costumes!

Whats this! Fattening Cake! Nooooo!


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