Jan 24, 2011

Rune System Sneak Preview

Rune Systems

The new rune system offers another way to upgrade your characters, by making runes from your old equipment!. By making use of old avatars and gears, you can gain more power from the runes system.

Use your old equipment that has been enhanced 3 times to exchange for a Rune Stone and boost your abilities. The better the equipment the higher level the rune stone is. To increase the amount of rune stone you can equip, use an avatar item to raise Rune Exp Level. Once you have everything ready, talk to Rune Researcher and you are on your way!

Rune Production:
Put an item (equipment) in the production slot and click on the icon on its right to complete rune stone production.

There are many many combinations and possible runes you can make, by varying the level degree and type of materials used, you can have up to 300 Kinds of Rune Stones!

When you talk to the Rune Researcher, she will tell you the items needed to produce the outer ring of the rune table. the middle ring however, she is unsure of and many need you help to discover their secrets.

The centre rune only appears when all 24 runes are unlocked.

Equipping Rune Stones:
All the rune stones are displayed in the interface. The ones that are not yet been produced are dimmed, whereas the ones that have been successfully produced are lightened. Rune stones that have been produced will not boost your property stats until you equip them.

Right click on the rune stone you produced to equip. Right click again to remove. The one being equipped will have a green frame around it.

Different level of rune stones will be put in different pages (click on the arrows to switch pages). If you equip two stones of a same type but with different levels, the property stats will still be added on.

A character is limited to equip five rune stones at the beginning. As your Rune Exp Level rises, the number of rune stones that you can equip will be increased.

Rune Exp Level:
Put an avatar item in the production slot and click on the icon on its left to increase Rune Exp Level.

- Different parts of the avatar costume will give different  amount of rune experience.
- The items that are limited-time offer cannot be put into the production slot.
- Character level has to be higher than or equal to the required item level.

The rune system will be released on 01/26, so be ready!

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