Feb 8, 2011

Rank 2 Mastery Skills

This week rank 2 mastery is released! I will show you picture of some of the skill in action.

 Find out about:

2 new initiative mastery for each class

Warrior: Initiative Mastery
Cyclone Chop - Spin weapon self-centered and fast to create a cyclone causing larger scope damage.
Wild Shield Dance - Throw out shield and quickly spin beside oneself to strike nearby enemy and trigger anger.

Hunter: Initiative Mastery
Meteorite - Shoot numerous arrows to the sky to form arrow rain in a certain area like falling meteors, and thus called meteorite.
Shadowy Slay - Move in high speed and illusively transform into a falcon's shadow, assaulting target without remorse.

Master: Initiative Mastery
Arctic Storm - Summon chilly air current and create arctic windstorm to cause fierce Ice type damage on enemies.
Dragon Breath - Summons Fire dragon's power to blow blazing fire and burn everything ahead.

Pastor: Initiative Mastery
Spirit Burst - Release Holy Spirit and strike enemies' mind after explosion.
Life Chain - Imitate chain lightning cast by a Master and transform thunder power into sacred power to form a life chain.

General Initiative Mastery Skills:
Pet Fury - Trigger Pet's Combat potential.

1 new general initiative mastery (for all you pet masters out there)
And 12 passive mastery skills! (This includes increase to stats, burden bearing as well as buffs from meditation).

To find out the details of the new skills, visit the MAO website here:

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